Hundreds of Digital Projects

As a fullstack developer with a focus on front-end development, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with talented teams for companies like Dell Technologies, Fullstack Digital, and DDN Storage.

Due to my diverse work history, I’ve been involved in every aspect of the client acquisition and project lifecycle. For example, lead generation and cold outreach, proposal writing, drafting SOW and technical requirements, interfacing with clients, managing sub-contractors and employees, executing the required work, and providing ongoing support.

Digital Growth

Since 2009, I’ve extensively researched and applied digital growth techniques. From keyword research and topic strategy to technical SEO, my strategies have a proven track record of getting websites relevant traffic.

Read more about my strategies here: Increasing Traffic from 450 to 2300/month Without Backlinks or Additional Content.

I have extensive experience generating leads and performing cold outreach. For example, I developed a lead aggregator to streamline warm lead generation.

Digital Marketing skills:

SEO/SEM, PPC, Content marketing / content strategy / technical writing, Lead generation and cold emailing, Google Optimize A/B testing, GTM/GA.

Personal development aspirations

Let’s Encrypt set the new web-standard for encryption: SSL certificates should be free and accessible to non-technical users.

In the near future, I think web hosting and website builders will be free or extremely low-cost. I’m currently developing an open source, serverless website builder that will allow non-technical users to benefit from the power of static site generators without needing to commit a line of code.

I’m also interested in creating healthier technology by building solutions such as a DNS to block porn and promoting better habits.